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lundi, 28 juillet 2014 11:39

Silverlight NumericUpDown handle string empty

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With a NumericUpDown control in silverlight, if we clear the value, the string empty is not recognized and the control keep the last value.

Here is a simple solution to solve this problem :

Make a custom control :

	using System;
	using System.Net;
	using System.Windows;
	using System.Windows.Controls;	

	namespace MySolution.Controls
	    public class BetterNumericUpDown : NumericUpDown

	        public BetterNumericUpDown()
	            : base() { }

	        protected override double ParseValue(string text)
	            return base.ParseValue(string.IsNullOrEmpty(text) || string.IsNullOrEmpty(text) ? this.Minimum.ToString() : text);


In your XAML file

	<customControls:BetterNumericUpDown Grid.Row="0" Grid.Column="0" TabIndex="1" Height="24" Value="{Binding Path=MyValue, Mode=TwoWay}" DecimalPlaces="2" Maximum="999999999" Minimum="0" Width="225" HorizontalAlignment="Left" />